The Secret to your Best Selfies Ever

The Secret to your Best Selfies Ever

If you think hard enough about it, some of the greatest portraits were kind of extravagant selfies in their own time – the Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, even the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer!

I personally like to think of selfies as our generations’ own foray into fine art portraiture; maybe some of our most “liked” Instagram posts might one day be exhibited in the hallowed halls of the Metropolitan as a homage to our generations finest and “most liked”.

Like any true old master of the arts – or Kylie Jenner, the end product is only as good as what is involved in the process. Components of a good selfie are not just a pretty face and a million likes, but it has a lot to do about lighting. Selfie connoisseurs are familiar with the very coveted “golden hour” where the sun meets the horizon. But that event happens only but twice a day if we are lucky.

Make your own golden hour on demand from the ease of your home with the right kind of lighting. Electricians, as we know are sitting on a treasure trove of secrets on how to get the perfect lighting to turn some lights into Instagram likes!

Size Does Matter

Installing lights with big diffused surfaces are a lot easier on the camera lens, and eyes than lighting fixtures with small exposed bulbs. Smaller bulbs may pack enough punch to light up a whole room, but it also artificially highlights the harsher planes of the face.

We recommend choosing cylindrical lampshade lighting fixtures for not only their soft glow but for their modern aesthetic. Even Vogue says so!

While most of us may not have expertise to install new light fittings on the fly but that’s where are friendly neighbourhood electric-men come into play! EM Electrical Engineering in Singapore has pretty much got you covered.

From re-wiring to re-tidying, feel free to drop our full-time electricians and “part-time photography studio designers” a call at +65 9395 3311 or shoot us an e-mail at for some “lit” advice.

Get on My Level

The most commonly found lights in the home are usually on the ceiling, but these lights generally create dark circles under the eyes – not the best look unless you are going for that 90s Winona Ryder look. The best lightings for selfies are those that are lower and parallel to the subject.

Not all of us can be Winona Ryder but our next best option is to engage in a licensed electrician to advise us on the most flattering lighting for not only our faces but for our homes.

Background Stories

The background of our selfies may not be the main focus of the picture, but it plays a pretty crucial role in how the light is reflected in our portraits. Rooms with strong colours can alter the exposure of the photos we take. Although this issue is easily mitigated with a little photoshop finessing, nothing beats the satisfaction of a well-lit photo on the first try!

Choice background colours like neutrals and pastels are your best friends in this scenario – after all, why would you not want to be the main focus of your selfie?

Need some TLC?

Total lighting consulting.

Maybe you are just interested in sprucing up your room with a swanky new chandelier. Or you need to replace a couple of wonky light fittings that flicker at the worst times?

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