Switches Repair

Becoming your own “Personal Electrician”

You can go on the internet to learn how to do anything; cooking, life-hacks, to even cutting your own hair! Chances are you, the Readers in question, are currently prowling search engines on how to MacGyver your plugs and switches right in your own home. It could be a fizzled wire, or maybe a blown bulb? We here at EM Electrical understand how you may want to flex a little elbow grease and DIY some minor kinks in your wiring – and we are here to help!

The engineers at EM Electrical have lovingly compiled some DIY tips on fixing your electrical wall switches and sockets – but before you begin any form of tinkering, remember to take the necessary safety precautions of properly insulating yourself from live currents. It is one thing to call an electrician, but another to call an ambulance.

Now, let’s get down to buzz-ness.

Sticky Switch-uations

There are different kinds of switches all over your home: the two main kinds are the single pole switches which controls from a single location; and three-way switches which control from two locations in your home.

When your switches stop working and frustration ensues because you bumped a table in the dark, start troubleshooting the cause of the fault.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, make sure the power in your home is turned off right from the electric panel! Switching the fixture off from the main outlet is not enough as there might still be “live” current present. A circuit tracer is another nifty tool that is useful to have on hand to help in identifying the circuit breaker or fuse that needs to be shut off.

Problem #1 – Flickering Lights

Unless this is the set of the next great horror film, flickering lights are a huge nuisance to have in all areas of the house. Sometimes a Midas touch of the finger by tightening a light bulb setting can work wonders. No need for any séances here!

Problem #2 – Playing Lightbulb to a Couple

You swore it was working fine just a couple of hours ago. Or maybe it is a new appliance fresh out of the box? The most possible scenario would be a burnt-out light bulb. This is especially prevalent if your appliances use the notoriously unreliable CFL lightbulb.

For more complicated scenarios like a faulty device or a broken electrical fixture which requires more finessing, our electrical contractors are just a rescue call away at +65 9395 3311 or an email at emelectricalengrg@hotmail.com to get illuminated on how we can help troubleshoot your problem together.

Problem #3 – Top of the “POP”-sounds

“POP” goes the weasel, and so does our circuit breakers trip and fuses blow. Weasel yourself out of that situation by finding out if it is caused by a loose wire or a short circuit due to a broken electrical socket.

A short circuit occurs when the hot wire (black) touches another hot wire or touches a white neutral wire. Remember, when black touched white – it might just give you a fright!

Problem #4 – Baby, its Warm Outside (the Switch)

Nope, that buzzing is not the latest accompaniment to your newly discovered earworm – that could just be your switch! If your switches “buzz” and feel warm, maybe even hot to the touch, it is time to “pull your DIY plug” and get an experienced electrician in stat! A switch that is buzzing when in use might be a sign of a more serious problem that requires professional help.

Lucky for you, you came to just the right page! The team at EM Electrical are here to pick up where you left your “current” electrical problems off.

Do not hesitate to contact a not only approved electrician but an experienced one like EM Electrical Engineering. You can contact us by calling +65 9395 3311 or emailing us at emelectricalengrg@hotmail.com to speak to our friendly customer service staff about our quality electrical services.