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Ever faced a blackout in the middle of binge watching your favourite television series while snacking on your favourite pack of snacks? Had problems turning on the rice cooker to prepare a festive meal for your family? Electrical related problems are becoming more and more common in an average house hold and household owners are getting frustrated at themselves for not keeping a habit of well maintaining their commonly used house appliances. Fret not, we will be going through a series of DIY electrical troubleshooting solutions, as well as certain safety points and common problems that occurs during a troubleshoot.

Certain electrical issues are human-caused, and these can be avoided by following certain electrically safety tips. However, electrical issues which are unfamiliar should not be messed with. It is crucial to hire a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore such as EM Electrical Engineering to assist in the troubleshooting. Our friendly and certified electricians in Singapore will be more than happy to provide guidance in any electrical concerns you might have.

Table of Contents:

1. How to DIY own electrical troubleshooting?
2. Safety points to look for when DIY troubleshooting
3. When to call electrical contractors for troubleshooting services?
4. Common problems which requires troubleshooting
5. Reasons why you should avoid DIY Electrical Repair

How to DIY your own electrical troubleshooting?

It is very important to firstly identify the source of your electrical problems. First and foremost, it is critical to identify if the problem arise internally or externally. If it is an external problem, DIY electrical troubleshooting might still salvage the problem. However, if it is identified as an internal problem, it might be a wise choice to contact a professional electrical technician.

1) Switch off all power

The most common mistake that household owners makes while they’re trying to solve the problems on their own is not switching off their electrical appliances whenever they attempt to troubleshoot. This is a critical mistake that MUST be avoided at all cost as it is a safety issue.

2) Do adequate research

Before attempting any sort of troubleshooting solution, it is important to firstly identify the root of the problem. Is it an overloaded circuit issue, electrical wiring issue or simply an electrical appliance that is deemed faulty? By doing adequate research online relating to your electrical issue, it might be easier for you to come up with a troubleshoot solution plan of your own before attempting it.

3) Test & replace

When an electrical appliance is not working, it might be because the electrical socket is dead or it might be a faulty circuit breaker that causes it to flicker. Although there are many other reasons behind the fault, rewiring the faulty outlet or refitting a new light build and testing if it works might just work out fine.

4) Contact your nearest electrician

If your DIY troubleshoot doesn’t seem to work out well and you find yourself at a loss, it might be time for you to contact your nearest professional electrician as they are the technical experts in this field. Although it might be depressing to spend more money by fixing the problem, electrical problems occurring in households are an inevitable issue that can only be mitigated and not avoided.

Safety points to look out for with DIY troubleshoot

1) Never proceed to fix unfamiliar problems

When you’re unfamiliar with a certain problem, it might be wiser to not attempt any self-fixing solution. Instead of fixing the original problem, it might create more complications, making the maintenance process an even longer one.

2) Switch off all power at all cost!

As mentioned above, not turning off the main power supply might pose a danger threat to your safety when you are attempting to fix an electrical component.

3) Never overlook recurring issues

If the persisting problem is a recurring issue, you should contact your professional electrician as soon as possible. Ignoring a recurring problem for a long time will only worsen the situation and increase the threat towards your household’s safety.

When is it a good time to call your electrician?

More often than not, household owners would consider the quality and the investment needed to hire a certified electrician for any electrical installations. Very often, the problem originates from the initial installation that was not done properly. If unfamiliar, you should not meddle with the issue as it might aggravate the problem and might incur more costs in the future. Here are some common problems that requires the skills of electricians:

1) Flickering lights

When your lights in your room start to flicker, it means that the circuit is having a bad connection. This problem usually occurs due to a fault or a short circuit. If there isn’t any problem with the wiring, you could try to replace the light bulb yourself. However, if the problem is still persisting after the replacement of a light bulb, the expertise and skills of an electrician would be needed to fix the problem.

2) Broken electrical outlets

When the socket in your household looks odd and it feels like it is going to fall out any time soon, immediately stop all usage relating to the broken socket. This usually means the wiring in your system is old and needs an immediate upgrade. However, it is not advisable to do the rewiring yourself.

3) Continuous breaker trips

Experienced a power trip thinking that the problem is going to be solved after resetting your circuit breaker but yet it keeps tripping again? The problem could be certain high wattage appliance is overloading your circuit, or the underlying problem could be within the electrical wiring system itself. Try lowering the wattage and if the problem still persists, it is time to contact your electrician.

4) Buzzing or humming breakers

Seek immediate attention if you’re hearing odd noises emitting from your breakers as it might be a sign that there is a major electrical problem persisting in your electrical system.

At EM Electrical Engineering, we provide the best quality of electrical installation and repair services in Singapore for the most affordable pricing. We solve electrical issues such as electrical installations, electrical wiring issues, power failure in Singapore and switchboard repair or installation. Rest assured that we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for all of your electrical installations.

Common problems that requires troubleshooting

Here are some common problems that a household faces on an everyday basis:

1) Overloading

This is a very common problem that is not known to many. An electrical appliance has its own wattage and should be fitted to a socket that is able to withstand the wattage it uses. By plugging a high wattage appliance into an electrical socket that is of a lower wattage, overloading will happen and it might damage the electrical appliance.

2) Electrical shock/surges

Although it seems uncommon, electrical shock/surges do happen from time to time. It might happen due to a faulty appliance, or an initial badly installed electrical wiring system.

3) High electricity bill

Got a shock because of the ridiculous high electricity bill that is unlike any of your average bill? It might be time to take a look at your wiring and circuit systems as faulty electrical systems might make your bills inaccurate in time to come.

We understand the frustration and hassle of facing such electrical problems that occurs frequently. At EM Electrical Engineering, our reliable and licensed electricians will do a thorough troubleshooting and rectify the root cause the problem, preventing any future occurrence of such issues. Additionally, our professional electricians in Singapore are experienced enough to advise you on certain DIY tips which you could employ if you face certain issues in future. Do not hesitate to book a non-obligatory electrical troubleshooting service with us today for our EMA licensed electricians to help you with your electrical problems.

Reasons why you should avoid DIY troubleshooting

Although it might be a cost saving solution to come up with a DIY solution to your electrical problem, it might seem like a gamble to most household owners. By attempting to fix your electrical problem without the necessary technical knowledge and skills, it might aggravate the problem and might even incur more costs in the future. It is wise only if you have correctly identified the underlying problem and have a clear picture on a troubleshoot plan before attempting it. If not, it is always an affordable solution to contact your nearest electrician for the quickest, and most accurate solution to your problems.

EM Electrical Engineering offers reliable and professional one-stop electrical services with top-notch electrical products and quality workmanship. Our electrical services ranges from emergency service for power failure in Singapore, electrical installations, electrical troubleshooting and electrical repairs. Head over to our reviews page to read what our customers have said about our electrical services and the articles featuring our high-quality electrical services. Call us today at +65 9395 3311 for a non-obligatory electrical troubleshooting or reach us at and we will assign a reliable electrician to attend to your electrical problems in Singapore.

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