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Our Electrical Services

EM Electrical Engineering provide all kinds of electrical services to meet your needs. We make sure all our electrical works are safe and reliable. Give us a call for consultation and we will provide the best solution for you. Below are some of our services.

  • Power Failure & Recovery
  • Re-wiring Solutions
  • TV Point, Aircon Points & Heater Points Installation
  • Replace Main Circuit Breakers
  • Faulty/ Broken Switches Repair
  • Annual Shutdown Servicing of Electrical Switchboards
  • Install, Relocate and Replacement of Light Fittings and Electrical Sockets
  • Free On/Off Site Quotes
  • Job Clean-Up
  • Licensed Electrical Workers
  • Electrical Consultancy, Design and Specifications
  • Diagnostic Testing & Measurement Services
  • Up Front Pricing

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Call us at +65 9395 3311 or email us immediately. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



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Electrical Experts

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