The 4-1-1 When the Power’s out

It tends to come as quite a shock – the lights go out, the air goes stale, and suddenly the electric hum of the refrigerator becomes ominously silent. The fridge! What is going to happen to all that frozen produce? And we were just right at the cliff-hanger of the latest Netflix binge…

In this current electrical dependent day and age, it is easy to fall into panic when the electricity shuts down, but here are some primary guiding principles to follow to ensure not only the safety of your loved ones and yourselves but to make the intermittent waiting period a lot more comfortable.

Unplug! Unplug! Unplug!

The moment a power failure strikes, make sure that all electrical appliances are unplugged from their main sockets, not just switched off. This is paramount as sudden electric spikes can occur when the power returns, which can damage your appliances by short-circuiting them. However, it is perfectly safe to leave a small inexpensive light fixture switched on as a litmus test for when the electricity returns.

Snakes and Wires

It is no coincidence that in this case, downed wires look like snakes. Never touch these loose hanging wires when the power goes out as they could still be “live” with electric current flowing through them. Touching these live wires with no insulation can result in severe electrical burns and may even be fatal.

Exercise immense caution when within the vicinity of these snaking wires. Maintain a safe distance of 30 feet from any downed wires, and double that to 60 feet in wet conditions. If you are in a motor vehicle during such an event, ensure that you do not simultaneously touch the vehicle and the ground – this could result in a very painful electrocution accident.

To prevent such incidences from occurring, find an electrician for your home in Singapore to perform electrical repair services and routine checks to ensure the safety of your home.

Carbon NO-oxide

If you are really hungry, order take out. There is no time to be Gordon Ramsay during a power failure. Avoid using a grill or an indoor generator as it can cause carbon monoxide emissions. Carbon monoxide is extremely fatal when inhaled.

In the case of indoor generators, always keep the safety manual on hand to follow the basic safety measures indicated during a power failure.

In the event that these appliances have faulty or broken switches, an experienced electrician should be contacted immediately to rectify the issue and keep your home free of possible carbon monoxide leaks. It is also important to check and replace any old or damaged electrical sockets. Do not hesitate to contact a local electrician should you need to be advised.

Eyes out for your iPhones

During a power failure, your most “powerful” tool is a well-charged mobile phone. Not only does your phone serve as a mean of communication, but it also doubles as a source of light during the night, entertainment, and is especially useful for live updates. Particularly for regional power failures in the country.

It is also quintessential that you keep charged portable power banks within your reach – you will not know how long you will be out of power, and the last thing we all need is a “dead” phone in the dark. There is not a time better to embrace being a true blue kiasu Singaporean, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

In a major crisis, 24-hour emergency electricians like EM Electrical Singapore are the heroes we both need and deserve.

EM Electrical Engineering are contactable at +65 9395 3311, so save that number in your contact list right now!

Avoid using candles during a power failure as a source of light – unattended candles can lead to fires. Use battery-powered flashlights, or better yet, this is where your phone and the portable power banks come to the rescue.

Save those romantic candlelit dinners for special occasions. But always remember to blow them out when you are done!

Your local electrician is not just a hero for emergencies, but one for interior design too! For all other illuminating occasions, EM Electrical offers light fittings installation services to brighten up your days (and nights).

Curiosity Kills the Freezer

We are all probably worried about how our expensive salmon is doing during this trying time. What about the newly bought pint of Haagen Daz? What you need to know is that even during a power failure, a full freezer left unopened can remain cold for about two whole days! A half freezer can remain functional for a whole day if you do not tamper with the doors too much.

If your fresh produce is too precious to be tossed out, place these perishables in a cooler box filled with ice. However, chicken, eggs, and seafood should be discarded as they are easily liable to rot, and their presence may quicken the putrefaction of other items in your fridge.

Maybe it is high time to break out that ice cream as a reward for your hard work during this power failure.


If you’re having frequent power failures, don’t hesitate to contact a not only approved electrician but an experienced one like EM Electrical Engineering. Contact us now by calling +65 9395 3311 or email us at to speak to our friendly customer service staff about our quality electrical works.